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Hi! How's everyone? I hope you are doing great :D
As always I've been to my boyfriend's house and we spent the week-end replaying Silent Hill 2 (we have the HD collection, 2 and 3 in the same game, for Xbox 360).

It's Aaron who plays because I CAN'T PLAY SCARY THINGS. I'm serious about this xD I have a problem, I get paralyzed and can't do shit. The moment I see a monster I start screaming helplessly while Aaron kills the hell out of it all calmed down and stuff and I wonder, what would I do in a situation such as that in real life? HAHAHA. I bet I would just die on the spot. It's just a game but my brain lives Silent Hill as if it was feasible :D Crazy stuff I tell you.

So Aaron finished SH2 and the next moment he directly started with SH3 hahaha we love Silent Hill a lot. No matter how many times we play it, we always get goosebumps and I get so emotionally scared it's crazy. My favourite Silent Hill game, however, is SH4: The room. Don't get me wrong, I love the original story and SH2's story and I think the first 3 are magical. But there's just something about having a giant hole in your flat's bathroom that leads you to a satanic world that just draws me in xD

Anyway! That's all we have been doing really haha. That and he also cooked Buffalo Chicken Wings for me the other night and they were delicious. He is such a good cook it's crazy. No wonder I gained some KGs since I've been dating him :D (almost 5 years!!!)

I don't have a picture to decorate this post with, but I'm listening to this while writing the entry and I will just leave it here! Beware of the scary songs which I skip because they give me anxiety xD But do listen to the rest because Akira Yamaoka is the soul of Silent Hill and without him the game wouldn't have half the atmosphere it has ♥

I've been drawing more lately~

Aug. 10th, 2017 07:43 pm
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One of the things I like to do in life is drawing. I'm really not that good at drawing my own characters as I am at copying pictures of people or other's drawings. But I've found a way in which I can create and get better at it. DRAWING MYSELF!!

So I've become my own character haha I don't know if that sounds good. But anyway, I won't lack inspiration in that sense, it's like a diary of remarkable stuff from the day xD Even if the day sucked and I did nothing. Here's a couple of drawings I did this week:

This is my go to dress for the summer. It's funny because it looks so much to the real one xD I don't really wear anything else because a) I'm poor and don't have many clothes and b) it's comfortable as f*** :D

This is all I did yesterday xD Literally, spending hours in front of the fan because it was SO HOT. And that's all. I also drew my leg hairs because why not, I don't always shave them because it's tedious and I don't NEED to, and my parents were surprised and laughed xD I told them we need to stop thinking that way about body hair and they agreed. I mean, it's hair. In the body. It's natural. At least more natural than waxing it out every now and then!

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